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Until September 10, 2021
Shanxi International Maternity, Baby and Child Products Expo opens
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With the improvement of modern society and economy, the status of women continues to rise, and the self-awareness is strengthened, especially with the advent of the second child era. Postpartum recovery has reached an unprecedented period of attention, and the market size will reach 60 billion. Postpartum recovery has entered a lot of parenting From the perspective of the family, postpartum recovery has become a must-choice during the confinement period.
    The 2021 China (Shenyang) International Pregnancy and Postpartum Restoration (Rehabilitation) Products Exhibition will be held at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center on May 28-30, 2021. It is an important part of the "PBE CHINA International Pregnancy, Infant and Child Expo". Positioning "internationalization, specialization, and branding" integrating "brand display + brand joining + entrepreneurial negotiation + precise docking + industry forum" five in one, leading the industry and health industry trends, disseminating advanced industry and health concepts, and promoting the entire industry and health industry The international industry and health industry exchange platform for the healthy development of the chain. With the support of the government and associations/chambers of commerce/partners, and after years of development, the exhibition is now the largest and largest industry exhibition in Northeast China. All relevant units are welcome to visit the exhibition and gather in Shenyang in 2021 to create brilliance together.

☛Publicity plan ☚
The organizing committee cooperates with hundreds of well-known TV media, mainstream print media and online media in the country, launches hard and in-depth reports, comprehensively improves the visibility of the exhibition, major city-level regions and cities, puts large outdoor resource advertisements, and expands the exhibition attention ;
1. Online publicity: Baidu, Renmin.com, Xinhua.com, Renmin.com, China.com, Sina, Sohu, First Maternity.com, Hot Baby.com, China Maternity.com, China Brand Kids.net, China Infant.com , More than 200 mainstream media from domestic and foreign industries, such as Global Baby Network, Maternal and Child Home, Mommy Baby Network, Maternal and Child Health Network, China Children's Network;
2. TV stations: China Childrens Channel, Education Channel, Shanxi TV Station, Taiyuan TV Station, etc.;
3. Newspapers: Shanxi Daily, Metro News, Global Times, Economic Daily, Maternal and Child News, Morning News, etc.;
4. Visual media and mobile media vehicles: Leveraging more than 2,000 taxis in the city, more than 10 mobile media vehicles in the urban area and surrounding counties and cities, etc., including high- and low-end income groups;
5. At the same time, the organizing committee will appoint in bus, bus stop signs, elevator building advertising, all-round publicity and promotion.
6. The organizer has accumulated a large professional audience database through years of accumulation, and pushes the exhibition information through telephone, SMS, email and other methods.
7. Direct mail of printed matter: Print more than 300,000 paper promotional materials and mail them to professional buyers, such as admission tickets, invitations, exhibition news, visit guides, etc.
8. Set up nearly 100 buses to pick up and drop off professional audiences at designated locations in nearby cities and counties (contact phone number 024-52874969 for reservations to the customer service department).
9. Visiting: The organizing committee will formulate the audience organization route before the exhibition, and will go to the three provinces of Northeast China, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Anhui and other places. When visiting, the exhibition invitation letter and visit ticket will be distributed to the person in charge of the enterprise to To ensure the professionalism of the audience and to ensure that the exhibitors are worthwhile.

☛Exhibits range ☚
Intelligent product categories for preschool education: electronic whiteboard, touch one machine, multimedia interactive courses, projectors, interactive cloud platform for preschool education, homeschooling, APP software and safety management software for children, kindergarten shuttle system and kindergarten monitoring facilities, tablet computers, etc.; Children's intelligent educational robots, somatosensory interactive products, 3D interactive educational products, AR\VR children's educational products, children's interactive play products and solutions, children's smart wearable products and children's safety smart products, children's programming education, children's STEAM education products and courses, etc. ; Brands of postpartum institutions: postpartum repair (rehabilitation, recovery) institutions, medical and aesthetic plastic surgery, body shaping, medical obstetrics and health centers, postpartum repair (rehabilitation, recovery) technical training, moxibustion and health club, confinement club, pediatric massage, high-end Private medical, maternity hospitals, maternal and child health institutions, Yuesao institutions, etc.
Postpartum supplies and services: postpartum psychological counseling, postpartum repair (rehabilitation, recovery) instruments/equipment, moxibustion products, toiletries, body care underwear, maternal intimate care (maintenance of essential oils), restraints, body shaping underwear, stretch marks removal products, Weight loss massage device, breast enhancement products, maternity nursing pads, anti-galactorrhea pads, maternal sanitary napkins, urine pads, waiting bags, diapers, breast pumps, baby beds, strollers, etc.
Maternal and infant nutrition: health care products, nutritional products, complementary foods, confinement meals, bird's nest, cosmetics, homologous foods, high-end ingredients, poultry, eggs, aquatic products and seasoning.
Health products and services during pregnancy: genetic testing, calcium-iron-zinc tablets/oral solution, shoes and clothing supplies during pregnancy, family planning supplies, high-end private maternity medicine, prenatal education supplies and services, food supplements during pregnancy, fetal correction clubs during pregnancy, etc.
Other related product categories: home health products, health management, smart health, swimming pools, rehabilitation equipment, home medical products, disinfection care, bedding, air purification, indoor light sources, pregnant and baby health home improvement materials, etc.

☛Strategic promotion cooperation opportunities ☚
In order to enhance the brand awareness and reputation of the company, highlight the outstanding product quality and services, and enable the company to participate in this exhibition to achieve the best results, the organizing committee provides a variety of strategic cooperation programs.
Participating in this exhibition as a strategic cooperation unit, you will get the following 8 major services and publicity:
1. Promote the establishment of a harmonious relationship between your company and the government 2. The leader of your company as a special guest to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition
3. Interviews with TV stations, newspapers and media, and key publicity on the official website of the conference 4. Priority to choose indoor prominent exhibition areas
5. Tailor-made "one-to-one" professional audience invitation work 6. A signing ceremony venue and a special recommendation meeting
7. Special publicity such as pre-show newsletters, conference journals, procurement guides, and mass text messages 8. Outstanding outdoor advertising spaces at the venue
[Strategic cooperation level] 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, etc.
☛Organizing Committee Secretariat ☚
Liaoning Zhongying Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Tel: 024-5287 4969 

Contact: Li Tao 185 0015 1444 (WeChat)

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