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Until September 10, 2021
Shanxi International Maternity, Baby and Child Products Expo opens
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     [Important Notice] Regarding the postponement of Shanxi China Baby Pregnancy Expo on September 10 2021.08.27
     2021 Shanxi Pregnancy, Baby and Child Industry Expo, Taiyuan set sail 2021.07.23
     We are serious about the invitation to the exhibition. The 2021 Shanxi International Maternity, Baby 2021.04.30
     Shanghai Yuluo Infant Products Co., Ltd., with the brand Yazan, invites you to participate in the Sh 2021.04.22
     Hubei Kemian Trading Co., Ltd. brings Pan Duole Nori to meet you at Shanxi Maternity and Infant Exhi 2021.04.22
     Good start! PBE CHINA "Run" forward with you! 2021.02.19
     [Exhibitor recommendation] Junlebao/Jianhe (China) Co., Ltd. 2020.12.13
     [Exhibitor recommendation] Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd. 2020.12.13
     PBE CHINA Shanxi Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition-Pregnancy and Postpartum Rehabilitation (Reh 2020.11.26
     PBE CHINA Shanxi Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition-Food and Nutrition Exhibits Scope 2020.11.26
     PBE CHINA Shanxi Pregnancy, Infant and Child-Household Paper¡¤Paper World Exhibits Range 2020.11.26
     PBE CHINA Shanxi Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition-Apparel Exhibits Scope 2020.11.26
     [Recommended by the enterprise] Shenyang Yunuo Cherry Food Co., Ltd. 2020.11.19
     [Recommended by Enterprise] Xilian International Co., Ltd. 2020.11.19
     [Recommended by the company] Germany Heinz Baby Products Co., Ltd. 2020.11.19
     [Visit benefits] Free bus, free hotel, reimbursement of tolls 2020.05.19
     [Exhibitor Recommendation] Manfei Health Industry Group 2020.05.19
     ¡¾Exhibitor Recommendation¡¿Nudixia Early Life Nutrition Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2020.05.19
     [Exhibitor Recommendation] Jianhe (China) Co., Ltd. 2020.05.19
     ¡¾Exhibitor Recommendation¡¿Fishlan Food Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2020.05.15
     ¡¾Exhibitor Recommendation¡¿Henan Huibo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 2020.04.21
     Gongkangcheng Gongkang epidemic situation | all staff to work online to work 2020.02.13
     ¡¾Exhibitor Recommendation¡¿Yazan meets with you on November 6 in Shanxi 2020.01.16
     [Exhibitor Recommendation] Shenzhen Meiyunsheng Technology Co., Ltd. 2020.01.15
     [Exhibitor recommendation] Haier Group ¡¤ Qingdao Youjia Wisdom Education Technology Co., Ltd. 2020.01.15
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