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Ponzi scheme reappeared in the maternal and infant industry, and 60+ dealers across the country were
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Recently, the Black Rhino Exposure Station under Maternal and Child Frontier received messages from more than 30 channel distributors, and these people all pointed the topic at the same person "Jiang Huiyong (WeChat name: Jiang Baiting)", saying that it was sold under a certain brand In the name of the director/business executive, we reached a cooperation with them for the supply of diapers of related brands. In the form of deposit or advance payment, we defrauded nearly 100 agents across the country. The cumulative amount was about 2 million yuan, involving many companies and brand products. .

According to the dealer Zhai Xue (pseudonym) in Shandong, Jiang Huiyong contacted him via WeChat on May 6 this year, and said that there is currently a single order in Jinan with a total price of 25,200 yuan. Someone suddenly stopped it and hoped that he could help sell it. The goods are delivered, and a deposit is required first, and the balance will be paid when the goods arrive.

"Why did you agree? It's because I knew him before. Five or six years ago, I collaborated on a diaper called "Combilee", but after two years of work, I didn¡¯t continue to act as an agent. That¡¯s because of me. I believed him, and this "Boom Bear" diaper has a certain price advantage, so I transferred him a deposit of 5200 yuan." Zhai Xue said.

However, after several days, the goods still haven¡¯t arrived, and under the urging of Zhai Xue many times, Jiang Huiyong has always been talking about him. He has been procrastinating again and again, which quickly made Zhai Xue realize You may be deceived.

When the author asked whether he had reported this to the brand, the result was even more unexpected. ¡°There was no way to find this brand,¡± Zhai Xue said.

Because the product is not in place, it is impossible to obtain the information of the manufacturer from the packaging. The investment page that pops up through the Baidu index keyword "Boom Bear Diaper" shows that the company is Heilongjiang Xing'anling Dairy Co., Ltd. However, the trademark registration information is inquired At the time, there was no such company, and among the few information available, only one named Ye Zuoli registered the diaper category, but this did not prove that it was related to the explosive bear in this incident.

Also encountering this incident was Yang Bing (pseudonym) in Henan. He said: ¡°I have not cooperated with him before, but he wants to cooperate with me, so he has met several times. Because of the epidemic last year, other manufacturers have Out of stock, that kind of 100 yuan three packs of diapers sell very well. Jiang Huiyong told me that he has the goods there, which is the brand of Dr. Cooper. I first made a 5,000 yuan deposit in July last year, and then he He also informed me that the goods had been loaded on the truck and arrived in Zhengzhou in a few days, so I made up another 14,000 yuan for the goods at his request."

The ending is not difficult to guess, the same is that the goods did not arrive, the money was only refunded 4,000 yuan, and 15,000 yuan was left unpaid. In order to recover the purchase price, Yang Bing also contacted the brand owner of Dr. Kobe, Fujian Aienbei Sanitary Products Co., Ltd., and Jiang Huiyong was a salesperson of the manufacturer, but the result was that "the company has terminated the relationship with Jiang Huiyong. Up."

And Yang Bing is not the only one who has fallen into this deadlock. According to Hebei dealer Wang Zhen (pseudonym), he and his friend wanted to make some diapers last year. After being introduced by others, they contacted Jiang Huiyong, then the sales director of the Besme brand. , And made a payment of 24,700 yuan on July 29 last year. But after a week, I found that the goods could not be delivered. Normally, this kind of goods can be delivered to their stores within 3-5 days.

"After three or four days after the payment, the goods still did not arrive. Later, we directly called the manufacturer Foshan Oupinjia Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. ("Oupinjia Company") to find out the situation, but at that time, Zhu Zhiqiang said that he had something. Let's find the company's sales director, and also pushed a WeChat business card, that is Jiang Huiyong." Wang Zhen said and added that the goods never arrived. He found Zhu Zhiqiang again but he changed his tone and said that Jiang Huiyong was not the company's. Director of Sales.

It is worth mentioning that most of the dealers affected by this incident mentioned Ou Pinjia. The author also got a special statement issued by Ou Pinjia from another dealer.

The statement stated: Ou Pinjia is a manufacturer of sanitary products. Jiang Huiyong was introduced by a customer on August 1, 2020, and entrusted Ou Pinjia to produce and process the "Besim" brand sanitary products on his behalf. The two sides had a short period of time. However, Jiang Huiyong does not have any labor or employment relationship with Ou Pinjia, and Ou Pinjia has never authorized Jiang Huiyong to conduct any external commercial activities in the name of his company.

This statement made Ou Pinjia completely divorced from the Jiang Huiyong incident, but there was no way to explain what the above-mentioned distributor mentioned, recommending the WeChat business card and claiming that Jiang Huiyong is the company's sales director.

In addition, Henan distributor Ren Yong (pseudonym) and Anhui distributor Xinwei (pseudonym) also mentioned Foshan Jinlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Jinlong Pharmaceutical") and Foshan Youbaili Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. The company also brought out a figure named "Kuang Jincheng" who has an unusual relationship with Jiang Huiyong.

"Starting on June 27 last year, within 5 days, Jiang Huiyong asked me to pay a total of 61216 yuan for the goods. I kept urging him to ship the goods in the next half month, and the goods arrived at Zhumadian in a while. , I told me where the goods went, and sent me the cooperation agreement signed by Jiang Huiyong (Party C), Kuang Jincheng (Party B), and Jinlong Medicine (Party A) on July 10." Ren Yong said and added, In December last year, Jiang Huiyong returned 4,000 yuan, leaving 57,216 yuan to be delayed.

According to the cooperation agreement provided by him, the cooperation projects include the R&D, operation and sales of Aiduo Pants, Science Boy, Cool Nurse, Besm, and Hibi diapers. Equity information includes 54% of Party A, 23% of Party B, and 23% of Party C, sharing the brand, property rights and profits of the developed products.

In addition, Ren Yong also said that Jinlong Medicine had admitted to this incident, but Jiang Huiyong did not give them the money. On July 23, Jinlong Pharmaceutical issued an announcement stating: ¡°The Besme brand and Mr. Hu Huiyong personally have not obtained any brand OEM, cooperation, or employment with our company.¡± But what is puzzling is that it was issued by Jiang Huiyong. Why is there the official seal of Jinlong Pharmaceutical on the contract agreement?

Speaking of this Kuang Jincheng, another company and another incident were also involved. According to Xinwei's statement, I saw a friend from Henan send a friend's circle to make Besm diapers preheating, and saw that the price was not bad, so that friend recommended Jiang Huiyong's WeChat, but found that Jiang Huiyong had also looked for it. Made the product by myself.

"Because of some acquaintances, I never thought that he would lie to me. I proposed to be an agent in Guoyang County. He said that it is OK to send the goods once, so I ordered more than 100 pieces of goods." Xinwei said I also added that I was more cautious. I asked for the company¡¯s name and account, and confirmed the existence of "Foshan Youbaili Sanitary Products Co., Ltd." from the corporate blueprint, and transferred the payment of 22,400 yuan to Kuang Jincheng¡¯s personal account. The actual controller of the company.

But despite being careful everywhere, he still did not escape this "catastrophe." "The payment was made on June 28, and there was no delivery until about July 10. Later, I asked the friend before and found out that his goods hadn't arrived, and realized that I was cheated." Xinwei said.

Later, Xinwei asked Kuang Jincheng to return the payment, but the reply was: "I didn't let you call, you go to Jiang Huiyong, and Jiang Huiyong took the money."

In fact, under the hopeless waiting of many dealers, the shady has gradually become clear: Jiang Huiyong uses dealers¡¯ trust in manufacturers¡¯ salesmen, friends, and contacts with him to let the dealers relax their vigilance and ultimately lose money.

What is puzzling is that the foundry involved was still talking about Jiang Huiyong at the dealer before the incident, and issued an announcement in the next second to completely clear the relationship with Jiang Huiyong. So, is the dealer lying or the manufacturer What about throwing the pot?

At the same time, it should be noted that when in-depth understanding, the author found that many distributors are not aware of their own rights and interests: First, most distributors lack contract awareness, and often orders are directly transferred to salespersons, which also leads to It is difficult to recover the payment later; secondly, most dealers lack brand awareness, such as Boom Bear, Besm, and Dr. Kobe are veritable small brands, which cannot be traced to the source at all and cannot obtain a complete service system.

At present, it is reported that many dealers have presented evidence to the local public security department and want to appeal to the court. Regarding Jiang Huiyong, dealers¡¯ attention should also be drawn. When choosing a brand for cooperation, you must conduct a multi-faceted inspection and be responsible for your own business!
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