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With the advent of the "three-child era", home appliances for mothers and babies or welcome new oppo
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On May 31, the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee pointed out that further optimizing the fertility policy, implementing the policy that one couple can have three children and supporting supporting measures will help improve my country¡¯s population structure, implement the national strategy to actively respond to population aging, and maintain my country Human resource endowment advantage. In other words, six years after the liberalization of the two-child policy, the three-child policy was finally put on the agenda.

As soon as the policy came out, the topic of "three children" instantly became the hottest topic on Weibo or in the circle of friends. Some netizens said that the problem is not to have a few births, but to increase income and reduce the burden; some netizens said that policies should be implemented by provinces and cities, and the government should provide childbirth subsidies; some netizens think that the three-child policy will affect pregnant babies and milk powder. , Medical and pharmaceutical, home appliances and other industries have great benefits.

In the long run, the opening of the three-child policy will help improve my country's population structure, respond to the strategy of population aging, and maintain my country's human resources advantages. Looking at it from the other side, behind the opening of three children, there is not only "one more birth", but also a new round of business opportunities. Many industries will benefit. Among them, home appliances for mothers and babies are the direct beneficiaries. Many home appliance companies hope to seize this wave of "dividends" and begin to actively develop and produce products that meet consumer needs. However, the users of home appliances for mothers and babies are more sensitive and have higher requirements for product health and safety. This also requires home appliance companies to upgrade their products in terms of health and product performance.

In fact, many home appliance brands have already deployed the mother and baby market before the release of three children. For example, TCL, a leading home appliance brand, launched a new high-end product X10 duplex classification washing machine in 2019. The TCL X10 duplex sorting washing machine uses groundbreaking duplex structure design, doorless seal design and water seal cabin structure design to achieve 100% pollution-free, and truly solve the problem of "secondary pollution and cross-contamination". Infant clothes can be washed separately in a washing machine.

In March 2021, TCL double-type washing machine product matrix has added a new product-TCL C12 double-type washing machine, which solves the problem of maternal and child washing, and also brings a healthier washing and care life.

TCL C12 double sorting washing machine adopts the double sorting structure design of the upper pulsator and the lower drum, which can completely wash baby clothes, underwear and other small clothes on the upper tube, and wash large clothes such as coats, bed sheets and duvet covers on the lower tube. At the same time, C12 expands the upper drum capacity from 1 kg of last year's new P10 duplex sorting washing machine to 2 kg, and can wash up to 20 baby clothes at a time, completely freeing mothers' hands.

In the past, laundry detergent was added every time you wash your clothes. While repeating the work, you still couldn't figure out the amount. The TCL C12 duplex sorting washing machine has both storage and intelligent delivery functions. It can store 600ml of laundry detergent. A family of three. Routine laundry requires about 20ml of laundry detergent each time. It can be washed 30 times. When the balance is insufficient, the mobile phone and product terminals also have reminders. Features. The washing steps are simplified, and the smarter operation has solved a lot of unnecessary troubles for mothers.

The most important thing about baby's clothes is to be clean. In order to solve the problem of excessive laundry and laundry liquid residue, TCL also equipped the C12 double classification washing machine with a spectral water quality detection system. This technology is combined with the TCL smart washing program, and uses AI smart algorithms to accurately detect the content of stains in the water in real time. There is no detergent residue and it will stop automatically. In addition, the heat sterilization function is blessed, and the baby's clothing health has multiple protections, and the family can be more at ease.

In general, the TCL C12 duplex sorting washing machine is an all-round assistant that can satisfy the daily laundry of the Bao family. Classification washing, healthy washing, and smart washing have all made important guarantees for the health of children's clothes. Obviously, facing the "three-child era", TCL is ready! Bao moms and dads, please feel free to welcome the baby's arrival!
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