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Until September 10, 2021
Shanxi International Maternity, Baby and Child Products Expo opens
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2021 Shanxi Pregnancy, Baby and Child Industry Expo, Taiyuan set sail
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In September of the golden autumn, the sky is high and the air is refreshing. The long-awaited 2021 7th China (Shanxi) International Maternity, Infant and Child Expo will be held in Taiyuan¡¤Shanxi Exhibition Hall on September 10-12. The scale of this exhibition has been upgraded again. Occupying 26,000 square meters of all the exhibition halls of the Provincial Exhibition Hall, attracting more than 300 exhibiting companies and 35,000 professional visitors from across the country to participate in the exhibition, creating a gluttonous feast for pregnant, infants and children!

The positioning of the exhibition is "internationalization, specialization, and branding", integrating "brand display + brand joining + entrepreneurial negotiation + precise docking + industry forum", focusing on the display of maternity and infant products, children's clothing and accessories, food and nutrition, and milk powder. , Playing teaching aids, swimming equipment, baby carriages, baby carriages and homes, products and services, etc. are international pregnant and infants that lead the trend of pregnancy and infant products, spread advanced concepts of pregnancy and infants, and promote the healthy development of the entire industrial chain of pregnancy and infants. Industry exchange platform. With the support of the government and associations/chambers of commerce/partners and after years of development, the China Infant Shanxi Maternity and Infant Exhibition is now the largest and largest maternity and infant industry exhibition in Shanxi.

1. The organizing committee team goes deep into the market, focuses on visits, and promotes participation and visit

The professional team of Shanxi Sino-Infant Exhibition Co., Ltd. strictly followed the procedures for this year's exhibition. At present, all the work of the exhibition's investment promotion is fully rolled out, and the market promotion, outdoor promotion, online promotion, and paper promotion are proceeding in an orderly manner. The inviting group swept the maternal and child markets and maternal and child stores in various cities and surrounding provinces in Shanxi Province.

Multi-directional transmission of exhibition information online In order to ensure the accuracy of professional visitors to the exhibition site, online and offline multi-directional and three-dimensional publicity exhibitions.

In addition, the small partners in the marketing department of the organizing committee have also increased their publicity and reports on the exhibition on major We-media platforms, such as Weibo, Toutiao, Baijiahao, Sohu, Yihao, Kuai Information More than 20 self-media platforms including Qutoutiao and Qutoutiao fully exposed the exhibition.

For precise positioning, more highlights, larger scale, and more highly matched audience groups, please pay attention to the 2021 China Baby Shanxi Maternity and Infant Products Expo.

With one booth, you can communicate with the entire industry!

Own a booth and quickly rank among the forefront of the market,

Standing at the C position in the industry, the opportunity is here.

China Infant Shanxi Pregnancy, Infant and Child Products Expo

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Shanxi Zhongying Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Mr. Li 18500151444

Mr. Yu 13522379064
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