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To help Henan, these maternal and infant companies are in action!
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Rushing to Henan, these maternal and child companies are in action

On July 21, Yili Group announced on its official Weibo that it had immediately allocated the first batch of 10,000 boxes of products to Henan through the China Red Cross Foundation, including milk, milk powder, yogurt, mineral water and other materials to help rescue. Personnel and affected people.

On July 21, Mengniu Dairy issued an official Weibo stating that the first batch of donated materials had been assembled and shipped to the Zhengzhou Municipal Party School to provide products such as milk powder and cheese for the Zhengzhou Children¡¯s Welfare Institute. It is reported that Mengniu Group's Mycolando, Yashili, and Bellamy are all in the ranks of donations, and Yashili Ruibuen milk powder has been delivered.

On July 21, the Health Care Group's Biostime Maternal and Child Relief Fund joined hands with the China Red Cross Foundation to donate 1 million yuan to urgently assist the disaster-stricken areas in Henan Province to support family relief projects, purchase emergency relief supplies, and post-disaster reconstruction work.

On July 21, Bright Dairy announced on its official Weibo that heavy rains in many parts of Henan caused disasters and affected people¡¯s hearts. A large amount of food was submerged and deteriorated. In order to protect the nutrition and health of people in the disaster-stricken areas, the first batch of 4,200 boxes of Bright Mosleyan yogurt, Guangming Pure Milk and other front-line materials needed.

On July 21, New Hope Dairy urgently allocated the first batch of donated materials to Henan through the China Red Cross Foundation-10,000 cartons of milk products, and allocated the supplies through the local distributor of New Hope Xiajin Dairy in Henan. And distribution. The disaster in Gongyi was severe, and 2000 cartons of milk had been donated to the local Red Cross, which was being transferred from Luoyang to Gongyi. The remaining 8,000 boxes of supplies will be allocated from Xinxiang and Shangqiu to provide support for the victims and rescuers.

On the afternoon of July 21, Huahuaniu Dairy Yu delivered 1,000 pieces of milk to the Changzhuang Reservoir Dam to pay tribute to the people's children who were fighting on the front line and fighting floods.

On July 20th, JuneYao Group established the "Anti-Millennium Flood Action Leading Group" overnight, and cooperated with its subsidiaries: Juneyao Airlines, Jiuyuan Airlines, Aijian Group, Huarui Bank, JuneYao Health, Wuxi Great Eastern, etc. to carry out rescue operations action. At present, the first batch of donations of 20 million materials and power products are being donated on-site and foreign materials are being quickly transported to Henan.

On July 21, Hubei Liangpin Store quickly organized the Henan branch and Zhengzhou store employees to participate in the rescue. After 4 hours of hard work, Liangpin shop employees delivered the first batch of loving materials such as biscuits, bread, milk, and drinking water to more than 600 children in Zhengzhou Children's Welfare Institute.

On July 21, Xiaoxian stewed fresh stewed bird¡¯s nest announced that it would donate 1 million yuan to the Zhengzhou Red Cross to support the emergency rescue and post-disaster recovery of the heavy rain and flood disaster in Henan.

Rush to help Henan, these companies are in action

On July 21 news, Alibaba announced that the Alibaba Charity Foundation will donate an additional RMB 100 million, and the Jack Ma Charity Foundation will donate RMB 50 million to cooperate with the Henan Provincial Government for disaster relief emergency measures and post-disaster recovery work.

On July 21, Pinduoduo announced the first donation of 100 million yuan to help Henan fight against the disaster. Starting from July 21st, Zhengzhou Duoduo Shopping has an urgent inventory of food, medicine and other emergency supplies at all local grid sites, which will be used free of charge to ensure disaster relief and life needs of surrounding citizens.

At noon on July 21st, after the first batch of relief materials donated by JD.com reached the designated locations for disaster relief in Henan and were received by the local emergency and flood control departments, the second batch of materials donated by JD.com were also shipped out of the warehouse at 15:00. Arrive at designated medical institutions one after another.

On the morning of July 21, the Meituan Charity Foundation donated 100 million yuan to cooperate with the China Red Cross Foundation to give priority to providing services such as the living settlement of the affected people, and post-disaster sanitation and epidemic prevention.

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2021 "Fortune" China's top 500 list announced

On July 20, Fortune Chinese.com released the 2021 Fortune China 500 list, which considered the performance and achievements of the world's largest Chinese listed companies in the past year. Companies on the list include Meituan (90), New Hope Liuhe (95), Kweichow Moutai (113), Yili (114), Mengniu (147), Wen's Food (148), Shuanghui (151), Wuliangye (200) , Muyuan Food (204), China Resources Beer (330), Haidilao (360), Tsingtao Brewery (372), Bright Dairy (393), Meilin Zhengguang (408), Hefeng Food (409), Nongfu Spring (421) , Haitian (422), Yanghe (451), Dali Food (456).

Yili contributes to the high-quality development of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

On July 20, the 2021 All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Chairman's High-end Summit and the National Excellent and Strong Private Enterprises Boosting Inner Mongolia High-Quality Development Conference was held in Hohhot. Pan Gang, Chairman and President of Yili Group, said, ¡°A good development environment nourishes the company¡¯s growth and growth. Last year, we bucked the trend and became the ¡°Top 5 Global Dairy Industry¡± and ranked No. 1 in Asia¡¯s dairy industry for seven consecutive years. Yili¡¯s development also proves Inner Mongolia. Contains huge potential for development. Yili will adhere to the new concept of'win-win development', explore new ways of'green development', take new steps of'enhancing Mongolia with science and technology', and keep in mind the original mission at the beginning of the '14th Five-Year Plan'. It resonates with the high-quality development of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with the appearance of'three new'."

Pet products brand favored to complete more than 200 million B++ round of financing

Recently, the pet products brand Chong has completed a round of financing of more than 200 million yuan in B++, and this round of financing is all subscribed by old shareholders. This is the third financing completed in half a year. Previously, it completed nearly 200 million yuan in round B financing and nearly 400 million yuan in round B+ financing in December 2020 and May this year. So far, Chongxing has raised nearly 900 million yuan in Series B. Chongxing's main pet products business has several sub-brands. Among them, "Weishi" is a domestic head pet nutrition brand.

Pet Industry Group "Love" received nearly 10 million yuan in angel round financing

Recently, the pet industry group "Chong Ai" announced that it has completed nearly 10 million angel round financing in the near future, which is exclusively invested by Tsingshan Capital. Meng Chong is a pet food brand under Chong Ai Group. As the main brand of the group, Meng Pet Dispatch initially launched a mini program in May 2020. It has opened a flagship store on Tmall, in the functional food field. In addition to having standardized packaged retail products, it has also developed fully customized pet nutrition products. Applets.
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